In this post, I will share with you step by step method to draw a realistic face.

Also, I will share all the material that I am going to be using,

How to Draw a Realistic Face

To draw a realistic face simply draw an oval shape and then a guideline, now draw the eyes in the right spot followed by a proportionate nose, after that add eyebrows. With the help of eyebrows to the eye distance, the ratio draws lips at the same distance from the nose.

how to draw a realistic face
How to draw a Realistic FACE Easy TUTORIAL

Required Material :

  • Graphite pencil 2B-5B
  • Blending stump
  • Faber Castell classic BLACK Pencil or any Black classic pencil
  • Pencil Eraser, Stick Eraser
  • Dry Brush
  • Bristol Smooth Paper (Best for smooth drawings)
  • Measurement scale

Just like a beginner, I have been through common mistakes for drawing a face, and I will explain those steps so that you can avoid them when you are trying to draw realistic faces. Also, I show you how to make your portrait drawing look realistic.

Realistic Face Drawing

Step 1: Draw Basic Face Proportions

Any realistic face drawing can be drawn with the help of proportions. Why? because you will eliminate all those unwanted worries such a bad ugly drawing outcome.

realistic face drawing

With the help of a measurement scale draw a basic face structure as following using light strength of pencil, you can do it for your own targeted realistic drawing. We will use an average measurement, you can adjust according the outcome you want in your drawing.

Step 2: Start Drawing Eye Area

  1. First, you need to be drawing the inner and outer dark area of eyeball and then draw outline around eyelashes area. After finishing that, add eye lashes. Make sure you keep the upper eye lashes more thicker and longer than lower ones.
eye lashes drawing

2. Now by using 3B graphite pencil and black pencil we will add details to the eye. Try using blending stump tool for a blur effect around the eye area, also add some dark shades around upper and lower eye lids to achieve following result.

3. Add more details to the eye using 3B black pencil to give it a natural look, keep following picture as a target in your mind.

4. Now, it is time to make eyebrows, you don’t need to finish eyebrows now, in fact draw it to a reasonable level, because once all facial features are completed, we can fine tune eye brows as per requirement.

5. After finishing the right eye, copy similar steps and approach to the left eye as well.

Step 3: Draw a Nose and it’s surrounding Area

As we had already finalised basic nose structure in step 1, now we will add some base shading.

  1. Use Eraser to pull up some highlights around nose area and then use pencil eraser to make central highlights as following.
draw a nose

2. Now is the time to build up some of the nose structure with the help of 2B pencil.

nose structure around nose

3. Using the tip of the pencil to highlight nose areas, avoid sharp pencil tip as they are going to make it unnatural.

4. Work under the nose on cupid area using side of the pencil and, add more depth.

cupid nose area
5. Add highlights with the help of stick eraser. This will add realistic look to the nose area such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Finally use blending stump tool to mix sharp highlights. use pencil where it is required to add more shading and blend it again with stump tool to reach desired look. I have finished mine as following.

Step 4: Time to Draw Lips

  1. We know that lips have several creases on them, therefore, we will use 2B pencil to draw from the dark places first.

2. Look at the direction of lips curve and with side of the pencil tip add shades. Rather than going straight use the side of the pencil otherwise the lips are not going to look natural.

3. Use blending stump tool to add blur shade and natural depth to the lips, start with gentle hands first and finish the whole lip area, do not touch outer curves of the lip and inner middle lines of it.

4. Add extra details after blending all the creases on lip, this final touch of extra detailing will dramatically increase realistic look. You can apply multiple layers of shading and blending to achieve your desired result.

It is upto you to add more details to the drawing, However I achieved following result with my complete detailing.

final realistic look of oface

I have left a reference video below for you to follow all the steps.

FREE Video Tutorial to draw a realistic face


Drawing Realistic Face is not completed if we follow the right steps. However, with the help of practice we can get better at drawing, the above drawing is my first attempt. You can learn all steps in this tutorial.

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