I am

Madiha Quratulain

I’m Madiha Quratulain.I’m 25 years Old A self taught Pencil artist,born and raised in Pakistan.I
Since i remember drawing and pencil was always my good friend.

I started my career in 2016 and held exhibitions in the end of 2016. I started with pencils and as a real perfectionist I liked to have control and worked on every small detail until I was satisfied. Drawing portraits and capturing the emotion of a person is what I loved the most.My inspiration came from the Realism art.Working with Pencil & Pencil Colours really meditative for me.

So as the time passes the definition of Art is being evolved.Art is beyond the drawing and pencil.

It is a sacred experience of seeing things from different perspective whatever the medium you are using and let them manifest in an extra-ordinary creation.
The Process of creation with joy and Love is Art for me.

My purpose is to give value in people’s life by sharing my true skill and help them to grow with an ease of my ideas of creating art.?

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