To make graphite powder at home, use any pencil and a sharpener, simply sharpen the pencil, also you can also use a paper cutter to expose the pencil lead, after that pick thin sandpaper and rub the pencil lead back and forth on it, you will notice there is ample amount of graphite powder being produced.

Store the graphite powder in a container. Also, you can look at the following video for a step-by-step guide.

Tutorial on Graphite Powder at Home

Here’s Exactly How You Can Make Your Own DIY GRAPHITE POWDER!!!!

Graphite Powder is the same as graphite that pencil leads are made of, only the difference is that they are ground into fine powder. You can “paint” it on paper with brushes to make watercolor-like “wash” effects, smooth textures, and cloudy backgrounds or even you can shade any object using the brush.

You can buy Graphite Powder from Art supply stores, but it’s easy to make your own.

So here’s the material you’ll need for this:

make your own charcoal powder

How do you make graphite powder?

Make sure you are using a Sharpen pencil for a better result of producing a graphite powder.

You’ll need a Board or fine sandpaper, a pencil (any hardness), and a small flat Bristol brush.

STEP 1: Rub The Pencil On Sandpaper

Rub the pencil lead tip back and forth on the sandpaper over a piece of paper.

A little goes a long way, so a small pile is a plenty to start with.

how to make your own charcoal powder

STEP 2: Collect the Poweder

Now collect the Graphite Powder from the Sandpaper carefully,

because it is slick and messy to work with, but it’s worth the effort to learn how.

You will get smudged in the process!

collect the graphite powder

STEP 3: Use Empty Dry Container

use a dry container, and pour the Graphite powder in the Empty container with a lid which is a good place to store it and use in your drawings.

charcoal powder at home




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