I am going to show you, how to draw a realistic rose, drawing realistic rose can be huge trouble, when I started first time, I wen through many ups and down, the rose drawing sometimes looked out of shape, darker, or even fuzzy, meanings, I have gone through all stages as a beginner, but I am going to share with step to avoid those mistake and achieve a better result.

  • Please, note, there is complete video tutorial at the end of article.


  • Faber Castell Grip Matic 0.7
  • FaberCastell Black Pencil
  • FaberCastell Pencil (3B,5B & 7B)
  • Derwent 8B Pencil -Blending stump
  • Gelly Roll Pen by Sakura
  • Tissue
  • Staedtler eraser pencil
  • Eraser

Step 1: Draw Outline of Rose

Use a 0.7 Faber Castell pencil and create a rough outline of the rose, this does not have to be perfect, as we are going to improve along the line, do not worry if the outline doesn’t look perfect, simply draw outline using following image, as usual try to use with lighter hand and do not press hard, because later on you will need to remove some of the lines.

rose drawing outline

Step 2: Shading

Now outline is done, it is time to start shading, use 3B pencil and shade from inside out, the key for better result is that use it around the outlines and keep the pencil nose not very sharp.

rose pencil

Step 3: Blending

Start blending, use the blending stump tool. you can also finish shading of small area along the line.

outline of rose

Step 4: Outline Darkening

With the help of 5B Pencil, now start darkening the lighter outlines, try to leave some empty white space between next layer of petal, as it will add a more realistic look in the drawing. You can use stump tool to create a shade, and convert the sharp dark lines into more blending dark to light looks.

rose drawing

Once you finished the area, move on towards the outer layer of petals and darken the outlines and follow the step 2, and step 3. Example as below.

dark pencil colors

Step 5: The Second Layer of Shading

Now use the dark Faber castle black pencil and shade the outside of outline line area , this extra shading will add a realistic look in rose picture.

how to draw a rose

Step 6: Use Eraser

This is very interesting usage of eraser, we will use eraser to add highlights in petals, you can use it under the outer dark shaded lines that you have done in step 5.

draw a rose eraser

Extra Step

Add darker shading using 8B pencil, which is not only soft, but a very good tool to add shading in darker forms.

draw a rose


You can use graphite powder with the help of a tissue paper and spread it around the outer side of the rose, this background is optional.

Free Tutorial : How to Draw a Rose

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