how to draw a cat

How to Draw Realistic Cat for BEGINNERS Using Fur Drawing Technique

To draw a cat, use a normal pencil with a sharp tip and draw its outline, also use an indentation tool to create highlights of cat fur, after that darken the outline and then fill the eye color of the cat and then the nose of the cat and later on cat‘s fur.

This step-by-step drawing tutorial has a text method as well as a Free Tutorial to help you out with each step. Because it is obvious, you get more understanding with the video training, However, if you want to quickly use each step to draw the above cat picture, follow our text method below the following video.

Free Video Tutorial, How to Draw a Cat


Here you going to learn how to draw a cat in step by step Method by Follow along with me. Drawing a cat can be difficult if you are doing it for the first time, but it can be easily done with the right approach with a little bit of practice.

In order to draw a cat, you will need some basic materials like dark to light-colored pencils and an eraser. Please note, It is not necessary to use all drawing tools demonstrated in the video tutorial/you can replace any art supply with your own.


  • Faber Castell Classic Colour Pencil
  • Derwent drawing soft Colour Pencil
  • Gelly Roll pen by Sakura / Pen corrector
  • Blending Stump
  • Craft knife
  • Bristol Smooth Paper (Best for smooth drawings)

You can skip the Wooden and Metal tools by Replacing them with any affordable material like Empty Mechanical Pencil if you want, but you will still achieve a good drawing outcome if you give this a try once. So let’s start drawing the following cat, step by step.


Reference Contour line for cat drawing: you can print out the above image and use it as a reference

Firstly Draw an Outline or you can PRINTOUT the picture to save your TIME.

STEP 02 |INDENTATION Technique for FUR Drawing

INDENTATION is a Powerful Technique to really build the in-depth Highlights.

This is a Process of drawing lines over the surface of the paper with the help of an embossing tool e.g; Nail art tools, wooden tools, Construction Nail, or an Empty Mechanical pencil.

With the help of the Wooden tool I’m creating invisible lines later on I’ll overlay the Colored pencils to really Pop up the Cat Fur or Whiskers to make it Stand out more realistic.


Using a Dark Brown Pencil RE-DRAW THE OUTLINE of Graphite line drawing to make the Line Drawing more visible.

draw outline of cat

STEP 04 | Cat EYE Drawing

Here I’m using Green’s and some Blue’s for drawing a majestic cat (You can find the Color’s code in the Video).

Also, I’m using Derwent White Pencil to Create some subtle highlights in the Eye of Cat.

draw a cat eyes

STEP 05 | Draw Cat FUR

Drawing a Cat FUR is so easy if you’ve indented before so after that, I’m only using a color pencil to draw cat fur,

Start drawing from the surrounding areas of the eye and then work your way out.

draw a cat fur

STEP 06 | Draw Cat NOSE

Drawing cat nose is a little tricky cause fur of this area has different directions like fur is in a circular motion, so by Using Dark and Light color combination of the Brown pallet family I’m going to build layer’s and the layer’s to give it a natural and smooth look.

draw a cat nose

STEP 07 | Draw Cat EARS

Draw cat ears after finishing the Darker outline. I’m building some more light brown color layers over and over until I found the fur super merged.

draw cat ears

STEP 08 | FINAL TOUCH-UP’S OF Cat Face Drawing

After the FINAL touch-ups OF Cat Face Drawing. Now with the help of dark and light color pencils, finish the cat’s overall face,


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