How You Can Easily Draw a CAT Face Using the Simple Fur Drawing Technique. I’ll show some common mistakes when drawing animals in a realistic style- in this example I’ll draw a cat. So in this cat drawing tutorial, you will understand how to draw a cat face easily from start to finish as an absolute beginner.

Drawing a simple cat face Along with the Fur Drawing Technique is an in-depth process to help you achieve realism in your drawing without using expensive art material.

Materials Needed:

  • Piece of Paper
  • Eraser
  • Indentation tools (Nail Art tools, wooden tools or crochet needles,s or empty ballpoint)
  • Blending Stump
  • Graphite Pencils
  • Gelly Roll white pen

Video Tutorial:


first of all, I’m drawing a box like this as a Guideline for overall drawing a cat boy

after that, I’m going to draw a contour drawing of the cat as a rough sketch just by looking at the reference photo I will give you by the end of this article.


I’m going to divide it right down the middle and that’s how I draw the guidelines because these lines help with symmetry and keeping everything aligned with the Cat face drawing.

I have a structure of basic guidelines for the cat face features now I’m going to draw more deep details to make the cat sketch stand out but make sure that you follow the reference photo to keep everything aligned and symmetrical.



I’m going to go first with the indentation process rather than shading directly when it comes to drawing cat fur so I’m using a wooden tool for this indenting process what you need to do is not forget the direction of each fur because that’s how this technique will work otherwise this can ruin the drawing too so follow the reference photo for the exact guideline where the fur is going to be and then indent in that specific direction remember to draw what you see not what you assume to be.

So what is Indenting? This is basically a technique of Indenting is impressing grooves into your paper that later drawing skips over and leaves as pristine white lines. Indenting is an excellent method for creating whiskers, stitches, and other accurate parallel-sided lines.

In the first step, you should indicate Fur directions by sketching using a lighter grade, such as a 2B, and lightly shading across it with the flat face of your chisel point. It is best to draw across it at an angle rather than directly across at right angles because doing so increases the likelihood that your pencil point will get caught in it if you draw directly across at right angles. This method is simply marking a base for indentation and it can be removed later.

I’m using a blending stump to blend out these strokes to evenly subtle everything excluding the highlighted areas.


1. CAT EYE :

Let’s draw a Cat eye by following the reference image for this I’m going to draw the thick dark upper eyelid and lower eyelid at the same time they are kind of almond shape in alignment towards the center of the face so I am shading the details of the eyes but make sure that you leave some of the highlighted areas when you draw the fleece in the iris of the cat eye that will help you to get a realistic reflective effect.

I’m also using the black pencil by fabercastell to add some of the darker areas in the cat eye also I’m adding some extra highlights using a pen corrector because the contrast between the darker shaded areas and the highlighted areas really helps to add some depth and make your cat eye seems more realistic so with the help of pen corrector.

I’m also adding the highlights in between the fleece of the iris. After that, I’m going to overlay the clarified pencil on the indented short fur around the eye of the cat.


I’m now going to work the nose area that’s pretty simple but make sure that you do it smoothly and add a little bit of skin texture over the nose as well I’m using hair a blending stump to blend out with the existing shading or graphite around the nose or over the nose.


  1. Draw Cat whisker’s using a basic sketch so you have an accurate idea of where you need to apply the indentation tool for drawing the whiskers otherwise you’ll ruin the directional accuracy.
  2. Draw Whisker’s lines using the Indentation tool (the Nail Art tool must be helpful) by following the reference image.
  3. Now Use Any darker Pencil to shade over these details to get it done.


Now let’s draw the cat face fur as you can see that the fur is flowing outward from the eye and for that when you consider that all fur is flowing outward it makes the drawing a lot easier because you know the direction in which you have got to create the fine strokes of hair.

So follow the fur direction on the nose or every part of the cat’s face because this is all a game changer of the fur drawing when you understand the direction accurately.

Do not Overthink the process of Placement just look at your reference photo and replicate that.


Let’s cover the Cat ear drawing as you can see that the cat’s ear is almost covered with long fur and to draw them you just need to draw long fine strokes like this to cover the cat’s air with long fur. By the way, I have Recorded a detailed Video in which I’m going to Demonstrate how you can draw Short Hair for long Overlapped whiskers, etc so then that will be easier to follow this tutorial or any Cat drawing tutorial.

Cat Face Reference Image

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