Realistic bird Drawing

We are going to draw a bird, in a step by step manner, please read through following steps and prepare yourself to draw this colorful bird today.

To draw this bird, we used water colors and pencil colors.

Reference material list is mentioned at the bottom

Step by Step Video tutorial is at the bottom

Color Pallet

Color Pallet

You need to draw basic outline for this bird drawing, the reference image is as following.

Outline for Drawing

Once you done with outline of the bird, now it is time to start using the colors, i suggest to begin with lighter colors.

Fill Colors

Adding Highlights

With the help of Gelly role pen add some high lights and use dark pencil to fill the gapes, it will make it look more realistic.

Adding Vibrancy

Using water color add vibrancy, such as on the chain, I am using pink toned water color to add vibrancy, and to enhance the chain.

Reference outline Image

Reference Material for drawing:

  • Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Fabercastell
  • Watercolor by Miniso
  • Pencil color by Fabercastell Classic
  • Eraser by Staedtler
  • Gelly rol pen by sakura
  • Pen Corrector
  • Black Pointer

Full Bird Drawing Video Tutorial

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