In this Tutorial i will show you How to Make Tombow MONO Zero Eraser at home in an easiest way, you will learn how to use your empty markers or pen to make Tombow MONO Zero Eraser with them.You will learn “how to make Tombow MONO Zero Eraser with just an empty marker and a Hard Eraser so Easily.

Blending is a big part of drawing with a pencil. Its what gives you smooth value transitions. Blending is important because it gives you control of where you want pencil and how dark you want it, it controls the tonal value and how it transitions from dark to light.

What do I blend with?  These are the tools that I have used over the years.

Material’s you’ll need:

Craft-knife or Paper Cutter

– Scotch tape

– Empty Marker/Empty Pen

– Hard Eraser (Any Brand)


First of all you’ll need an Empty Marker/Pen and an Eraser.

Then Take an Eraser and Mark the thickness of your Marker/Pen open area on the eraser to get a proper idea of a cylindrical shape of an eraser

Now Carve an eraser to get the cylindrical shape.

When you get the Perfect shape of a cylindrical shape of an eraser so then Fix the eraser in the Empty Marker/Pen.

It’s uneasy to adjust the Hard Eraser in the Empty Marker/Pen.

Now Make 3 to 4 vertical cuts in the end of Empty Marker/Pen with the help of Craft-knife.

And Fix the eraser and carve it from the sides.

Then Wrap the Scotch tape around the Cuts and make the Eraser more fix in the Marker.

Now by using the Craft-knife carve out the desired shape of the Tip of an eraser i.e rounded or square.


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